About Lattasoft

Lattasoft Limited is a Winnipeg based corporation that focuses on indie development of video games. Right now it is mostly just myself, Justin Latta, focusing on the re-creation of a classic, childhood favorite called Infantry Online. I have been working on the re-creation since January 2016, and hoping for an Early Access release before the end of the 2017 year. For my graphics, I mostly work with a studio out of Montreal, Ironbelly Studio's. They have been producing top notch work for me for a very fair price, which given the nature of this project is ideal.

My vision is to create a version of Infantry that both appeals to the old players, and attractive enough to get new players on board as well. Creating this classic in a more modern engine (Unreal Engine 4) will bring it the capabilities of being updated rapidly, with more modern graphics. Getting the right "feel" for the game was a challenge in itself, making the game feel very similar to the physics of Infantry Online, but I feel I've succeeded in that regard. You will find the game behaves very similarly to the original Infantry Online, but I've put my own modern twist on it. Old graphics engines didn't allow for advanced particle systems, so I've updated the game with simple things like a graphical shield which indicates if your enemy has any shield left. The controls will be completely revamped, although currently they behave similar to the original infantry online. Things like VOIP will be added, give you the ability to effectively communicate with your team members. The pricing model for the game, I'm still unsure of. It will likely range from a $5-10 purchase + purchasable cosmetic items in game. It will be released on Steam (either via greenlight or Direct).